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Cases of Medical Negligence

An Attorney for Medical Negligence in San Diego

The existence and reality of medical negligence is unfortunately all too common. Medical errors such as misdiagnosis of conditions, improper administration or prescription of drugs, poor levels of care, unsanitary practices and poor recording keeping kill thousands and thousands of Americans each and every year. It is not a minor problem. In fact medical malpractice stemming from negligence is considered one of the top killers in our country today. Just in the past several years weeks of headlines have been devoted to celebrity deaths resulting from fatal combinations of drugs prescribed by their trusted health providers. These were all individuals that could afford the absolute best in health care yet even they were struck down not by natural causes but by adverse drug reactions from legally prescribed medications.

So much of our work at the Pacific Attorney Group has been devoted to fighting on the behalf of our clients that suffered serious harm stemming from medical negligence. One misdiagnosis can lead to a lifetime of suffering and bodily impairment. And the problems are not restricted to purely pain or discomfort. Nor do they stop at the victim's doorstep alone. These issues affect everyone around the individual and can severely lower the quality of life of a person as well as their family. Helping to restore a life or to provide for a better circumstance can be accomplished through compensation for the harm done. Working with a San Diego personal injury attorney to better understand how this can be done is well advised.

A Critical Element of a Medical Lawsuit

Proving negligence is a key element in building a successful lawsuit. It is not enough to have been injured or suffered harm. This can and does happen in even the best of medical circumstances. One must prove that the doctor, provider, drug manufacturer or facility was negligence or guilty of wrong doing in the provision or delivery of a procedure, service, drug or medical device.

Negligence comes from the Latin and means "to fail to pick up". This concept easily translates to what occurs in a medical malpractice situation. The provider or facility failed to pick up and perform as they should. If as a result harm or injury resulted then a strong basis for a case and compensation exists.

If this has been your unfortunate circumstance then it would be best to contact a San Diego Medical Negligence Attorney regarding a claim and potential settlement.