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Anesthesia Errors

San Diego Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesia means the lessening or loss of sensation. This can occur under full or partial consciousness and does not necessarily involve the entire body. One can experience a general anesthesia in which there is a full loss of body sensation or a local, topical or regional anesthesia which will be confined to specific areas such as a tooth or the pelvic region during childbirth. While this procedure has proved a godsend to those undergoing surgical procedures it is not without its severe risks. When medical errors occur in the administration of such sensory deadening drugs the results can prove deadly serious. Problematic issues such as:

  • An over dosage of anesthesia which can prove fatal
  • An under dosage which can result in "anesthesia awareness". This is a nightmarish condition which can result in permanent lifelong psychological damage. The patient remains aware of everything while undergoing surgery or a medical procedure but is paralyzed and unable to communicate. Often fully aware of the immense pain yet without ability to react the patient can suffer for years from post traumatic stress disorder. Symptoms such as sleep disorders, recurring nightmares and forms of paranoia are commonplace.

There are many forms and resultant negative conditions that can result due to anesthesia errors. The results can be severe bodily harm, psychological damage and lifelong conditions. It is important that you seek the qualified counsel of a San Diego medical malpractice attorney if suspect that anesthesia errors may have caused you or a loved one harm.

Responsible Parties for Anesthesia Errors

A procedure which is powerful enough to render one aware of the physical pain present in any surgical procedure will require the utmost in caution and medical alertness. As we have proven in many of our medical malpractice claims at the Pacific Attorney Group this is not always the case. While the first instinct is to blame the anesthesiologist there can be many other responsible parties involved.

Post-anesthesia conditions such as brain damage, comas, heart attacks, brain damage and stroke are often traced as well to doctors, medical product or drug manufacturers, attending personnel or the facility. Many of these conditions occur as the result of things such as poor record keeping or defective medical devices. Any legal team that you elect to represent your claim must have the familiarity and knowledge required to dig into very complex medical matters to uncover these factors.

Fighting to obtain compensation for the consequences of anesthesia related malpractice can be complicated and difficult. Getting strong, experienced and aggressive legal representation and contact a San Diego Anesthesia Errors Attorney immediately.