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Severe Jaundice

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Severe jaundice, characterized by a yellowing of the complexion, is caused by a surplus of bilirubin, a product of natural protein breakdown in the body.  Mild jaundice in newborns is quite common and can generally be cured through exposure to Ultraviolet light known as phototherapy.  However, some cases of jaundice are much more severe and can result in extremely serious medical problems if not monitored very carefully by healthcare providers.  Excess bilirubin in the system, also known as hyperbilirubinemia, can sometimes develop into a very serious condition called kernicterus in which bilirubin gets deposited in brain tissues.  Kernicterus can lead to brain damage, deafness, loss of motor function, learning disabilities, and even cerebral palsy.  If your child has suffered complications from severe jaundice, your best bet is to contact a San Diego medical malpractice lawyer immediately to begin exploring your legal options.

No matter how severe the case, jaundice requires appropriate testing to be administered by healthcare providers right away.  If doctors or nurses fail to give these tests soon after birth or do not provide good follow-up care, a mild case of jaundice can turn into a much more serious case in a short amount of time.

Birth Injury Lawyer in San Diego

If your child has suffered a case of severe jaundice or any resulting complications, having a competent and tenacious team of medical malpractice lawyers at your side is imperative.  At The Pacific Law Group, our dedicated legal professionals have 35 years of combined experience to draw on along with a deep knowledge of medical malpractice law.  We want to help you get the compensation you deserve and hold negligent healthcare providers accountable.  Our firm knows that their irresponsible behavior can lead to lifelong consequences for you and your family, and that's why we want to assist you with your case today.

Get all your questions about severe jaundice answered today.   Contact a San Diego Birth Injury Attorney  to explore your legal rights and options concerning severe jaundice and medical malpractice today.