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Emergency Room Errors

San Diego Emergency Room Errors can be Fatal

Emergency room treatment by its very definition is stressful and hazardous. Yet to be complacent about medical errors due to high demand situations is not acceptable, especially when loss of life or serious bodily harm results. Of the tens of thousands of individuals that die each year as the result of hospital related medical errors or malpractice it is estimated that roughly half of these can occur in the emergency room. Common causes or underlying reasons for maltreatment include:

  • Inadequate or sub-standard training of personnel
  • Budgetary cuts or cost conscious understaffing of medical personnel
  • Improper staff screening or background checks
  • Poor or missing patient record keeping or tracking
  • Sloppy procedural standard in regards to the administration of drugs or medicine

In addition to the above, we at the Pacific Attorney Group have often found that unsanitary conditions as well as borderline administrative ethical infractions are present in many facilities. Cost considerations can often override patient well being. The above can lead to an environment that is highly conducive to patient at risk circumstances. A poorly sanitized needle can transfer infection or disease to an unwitting patient. One misplaced medical record can result in a lethal interaction of drugs. For these many reasons it is vital that you consult with a San Diego medical malpractice lawyer if you or a loved one has suffered after an emergency room treatment.

Typical Emergency Room Errors

While emergency rooms and doctors may have a fundamental duty to save lives it is also true that they are commercial ventures and the "bottom line" does play its role. While this may prove satisfactory to the corporate board it is hard to accept when you or a loved one has suffered as the result of emergency room errors or unethical practices.

Possibly one of the most unpalatable practices is the one of "patient dumping" which is as cold as it sounds. When a patient is unable to provide full insurance or financial information this patient is often shunted to the side or refused altogether. It is not necessarily the case that funds or insurance backing is not present, the patient may be too incoherent or injured to provide the required documentation and so is deemed as a charity case or indigent. When this occurs the patient can be sidelined until personnel are freed up from paying customers. The result can be deadly as medical emergencies do not necessarily conform to financial considerations.

There are many potential hazards and medical errors that can occur in an emergency room treatment. If you feel that medical errors or maltreatment may have caused you harm then compensation could be obtained. Please contact a San Diego Emergency Room Errors Attorney for a review of your claim.