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Emergency Room Misdiagnosis

A San Diego Attorney for Emergency Room Misdiagnosis Claims

Everyday emergency room personnel are called upon to perform life saving procedures in very stressful situations. Added to the inherent trauma that accompanies the very nature of an ER's existence is the added pressure of servicing the health needs of uninsured individuals that simply have no place else to go. The work that they carry out is highly commendable and indispensible. The facts of the matter are that there is still a complete duty and responsibility to maintain the utmost in medical standards and delivery. The reality of what these facilities must deal with on a daily basis is understood yet by the same token these pressures are expected and so they cannot be used to justify negligence, sub-standard practices or maltreatment.

Nowhere might the crucial element of proper diagnosis play a more important role than in an emergency room environment. The average case arriving for services is under stress or a life threatening condition. The need to rapidly assess the severity and nature of the injury or illness is at its utmost. Any misjudgment can lead to the delay of treatment. The result is often a rapid deterioration in the patient's condition, further complications and the serious elevation of risk. Misdiagnosing the signs of a heart attack as a stomach complication or failing to recognize stroke symptoms can even lead to death. Preventing further injury or death is at the root of proper and timely diagnosis in emergency rooms. When this fails to occur and injury results it is important that the patient seek legal help from a San Diego personal injury attorney as rapidly as they are able. There could be solid grounds for compensation given the presence of medical negligence

Some Potential Trouble Areas within an Emergency Room Environment

Over the many years of building such lawsuits the Pacific Attorney Group has identified some key areas of potential problems or neglect within emergency rooms or urgent health care clinics:

  • Undermanned staffing is a key issue. The all too common budgetary concerns then lead to cutbacks in staff and over scheduling. The problem is compounded by the fact that on duty personnel are often overworked and fatigued. Investigating the facility's scheduling and human resource practices is very much a part of mounting a claim.
  • Not all staff have been properly vetted or screened. Improper background checks can allow for the placement of personnel with problematic backgrounds to be employed in a life critical environment. Particularly as ER staff has access to many restricted pharmaceutical products any previous drug history can prove problematic.
  • Record keeping, drug administration and procedural oversight are crucial in an emergency situation. Any sloppiness or carelessness can lead to serious consequences.

There can be many factors lying behind a misdiagnosis in an ER environment. These all can be forms of medical negligence and can support a claim for compensation. If this has happened to you or a loved one please don't delay.    Contact a San Diego Emergency Room Misdiagnosis Lawyer for help.