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Gastric Bypass Errors

Gastric Bypass Errors can lead to Serious Complications

Without doubt one of the most serious health challenges to face our nation today is the ever growing problem of obesity and weight gain. More and more Americans are finding themselves in the situation of being overweight and unable to lose those pounds. It certainly is not for lack of trying as the diet industry can testify to. Practically every other bestseller is another "How to Lose Weight" bible and the business of selling solutions is completely recession proof. Losing weight is not just a matter of looking better or fitting into a wardrobe. It is a very serious health and wellness issue. Carrying excess weight leads to a host of problems from heart disease to even possible cancer links. Frustrated with an inability to lose weight through strict dieting or exercise many people seek solutions from medical providers.

One such solution that has been exceedingly popular is the gastric bypass. This surgical procedure works by restricting the amount of food an individual can consume. Since a person is now physically constrained from ingesting more than a minute quantity of food this leads to inevitable weight loss due to severe caloric restriction. The procedure has grown vastly in popularity not only because it meets a need. Heavy advertising and the enormous growth in the number of providers and clinics has pushed the market to develop. As such procedures become more broadly accepted there also develops a far more casual attitude towards the delivery of the service. This can lead to real problems when things go wrong. The consequences can plague one for life and can be quite serious. It is critical to obtain the legal representation of a qualified San Diego personal injury attorney as early as possible for such problems.

Medical Malpractice and Gastric Bypass Errors

At the Pacific Attorney Group one of the fundamental problems we can encounter is delivery of this procedure when inappropriate or ill-advised for a specific individual. Often a patient will seek out a specialty clinic or a corporate facility for such a service. Either as the result of a radio ad or passing billboard the patient is drawn to a clinic. While these medical facilities are for the most part well-run and attentive to medical standards it is still true that these are not the long-term health provider for that individual. Critical medical records can be missing. Patient conditions may go undisclosed or remain unknown until it is too late and complications have set in. It is very true that underlying physical conditions or overall state of health could make an individual ill-suited for an invasive and traumatic surgery such as a gastric bypass.

It is very easy to overlook the serious nature of any surgery when it has been commercialized across every other freeway billboard. Yet the same risks and hazards that any surgery involves also apply very much to Gastric Bypass procedures.

If you have experienced complications or suffered harm after this procedure you may have a very legitimate claim for compensation. Please contact a San Diego Gastric Bypass Errors Lawyer promptly for a full case consultation.