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Infections in Hospitals

The Potential for Infections in Hospitals is not Uncommon

The reality of an antiseptic level of cleanliness in hospitals is often beyond most facilities. Any hospital of a decent size will see hundreds if not thousands of patients in relatively short periods of time. The patients arrive daily for short visits, trips to the emergency room, checking in for surgery, intensive care or maternity wards. Along with those patients come friends, family and caregivers. Beyond that are the multitude of medical personnel, administrative staff and one certainly cannot forget the building maintenance or engineering crew. All told the sheer volume of traffic makes the containment of infectious germs, bacteria and other toxins almost impossible.

In a hospital situation there are several factors that can and does make this occurrence life threatening:

One - hospitals are for sick people, this means that there is an abundance of very serious infectious material present and transmittable within an enclosed environment

Two - being under stress, trauma or injury lowers one's defenses against infection. The fact of being in a weakened state places one at greater risk when exposed.

Three - in the general environment there is a far smaller probability that one might share materials that have been exposed to infectious sources. In a hospital environment there are many shared objects and surfaces from which infections can be transferred.

It is important that if you have contracted an infection as the result of a hospital visit or stay that you seek legal help from a San Diego personal injury lawyer. Being exposed to the types of infections commonly found in hospitals can lead to life threatening and even permanent illnesses and you will need help for those.

Fighting for Restitution against Hospital Infections

A critical element of gaining restitution or compensation for illnesses or physical conditions resulting from hospital sourced infections is the fact of recognizing that it has occurred. In our experience at the Pacific Attorney Group it is not uncommon for this form of medical malpractice or negligence to go undetected. As people that are admitted to hospitals are already ill or suffering from injury it is very possible for a hospital infection to be overlooked or "explained away". Yet this is not a rare or unusual occurrence.

Each year thousands of individuals die as the result of infections contracted in a hospital. Otherwise on the path to recovery these individuals were struck down by exposure to another's infectious germs, bacteria or virus. Whether spread via a poorly sanitized catheter, a shared plate, inefficient ventilation systems or a negligent nurse the result is still tragic.

If you have suffered harm as the result of a hospital infection it is important that you contact a San Diego Infections in Hospitals Attorney for help and a review of your claim.