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Surgical Injuries

Surgical Injuries can and do occur

The number of surgeries performed annually in America is in the tens of millions. In fact on the average there are close to 70,000 surgical procedures delivered each and every day. Some are emergency surgeries, some are planned well in advance and many are elective. But they all can carry high risk and the potential for subsequent injury and problems. While the vast majority of surgeries take place without negligence, errors or doctor caused injuries this does not mean that small percentage of problematic procedures are not significant or serious. In fact many research studies have estimated the number of deaths annually that were caused at least in part by such errors or to be in the tens of thousands. These numbers only account for the fatalities and not the many more people that suffered serious injury as the result of a sub-standard surgery or gross medical negligence.

There are many horror stories of non-fatal injuries or malpractice related to surgery. Going under the knife for the removal of an organ or body part only to awake and discover that the wrong body part was removed. Or the case of the strange and persistent post-operative pain, this then is later traced to surgical implements being left inside the body. Or the presence of anesthesia errors in under or over medicating a patient which leads to tremendous trauma, pain and even operating room death.

There are tremendous financial costs associated with surgical injuries and these go far beyond the medical costs alone. Fighting for full compensation against loss of income, medical expenses, emotional damages as well as for the pain and suffering factor is our job at the Pacific Attorney Group. We advise the immediate representation of a San Diego personal injury lawyer as soon as surgical errors or injuries are suspected.

Compensation in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Unfortunately many individuals never decide to pursue deserved compensation for instances of medical malpractice or doctor negligence. It is arguably true that the majority of people go without compensation simply because a lawyer was never hired to take on the case and it simply went by the wayside. Often this is due to a desire to simply "put it all behind". While this is quite understandable it is not always practical or possible. Life will continue to go on. Bills and living related expenses will continue to present themselves. Should further medical care, support or rehabilitative therapy be required then these activities will cost and must be paid for. At times the injuries or trauma may be so severe or permanent that one's ability to earn is reduced.

Yet if proper compensation was not made then these costs or ongoing losses won't be covered. The result is that one can never really put the consequences of such surgical injuries behind them. It is important to understand your legal rights and what you could be entitled to. Please contact a San Diego Surgical Injuries Attorney for help with you case and claim.